Health Insurance

IT is never too late to take a health insurance for your self and your family. There are three major reasons as to why one should take a health cover.

a. When you are diagnosed with an illness, one should not compromise on the quality of treatment. In case you are not financially well off, the chances are that you will not get the best treatment.  A good health insurance cover  will give you that quality treatment you deserve.

b. Your hard earned savings should not be given away for your treatment, for not having a good health cover.  Your savings stay protected in the event you need a teatment.

c. Unlike life insurance, it is not one time payment to you. Theoretically, you can get payment perennially subject to terms and conditions.


IN addition to the above, the other advantages are that you get  IT benefit for your self  – upto 15k and on the premium you pay for your parents, upto 20k, on health insurance policies, depending upon the age of your parents.

More importantly the cost of health insurance premiums are likely to go up. see this article below

health insurance may cost more
Irda has cleared a hike in health insurance rates for policies issued by New India Assurance, the country’s largest non-life insurer. The new rates are on an average 20% higher than the old ones, which were in force from 2007, and will come into effect from next month. The rate hike could trigger similar revisions among other state-owned non-life insurers since New India, being the largest, sets the benchmark for rates


Call me for any further clarifications.





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