Don’t read in between lines. This is what many people tell us so that one understands things clearly.

Are you an Investor?   Then it is important that you read in between the lines in the news paper.

The headlines tell the story and the facts most of the time. How you  Read, understand & take actions is very important.

I give below some of the headlines which appeared in Economic times in the last two days.

What do these point to?

  1. Government’s  borrowing is coming down, which means, control on fiscal deficit.
  2. Fuel subsidies are almost done and  will help consolidate fiscal deficit. Also Thanks to the reducing crude prices
  3. Inflation stabilizing and hence a possible reduction in interest rates expected early 2015.
  4. Consumption picking up as sales of commercial vehicles is just turning around positively.  A first sign of economic recovery
  5. Recruitment, vehicle sales, air travel etc is picking up.
  6. Upgraded GDP forecasts by IMF, World bank etc.
  7. Dollar / Rupee fairly stable and  India will be an exception among emerging markets with respect to dollar appreciation impact.
  8. PRICE of GOLD, Silver & Real Estate are moderately lower and pick up these physical assets likely to be delayed.
  9. Though the sensex is around 26000 to 27000, the market is not expensive and at the current PE valuations, they are still at least 30-40 % cheaper compared to 2007.

Therefore this augurs well for Investment.

Are you scared of Stock Markets –  Don’t worry, invest in Debt funds and you will get a much better yield with tax effectiveness compared to FD or NCDs

Are you willing to take slight risk and willing to wait for three years.  Then invest in Capital protection funds, MIPs and Dual Advantage funds.

Are you willing to give a little extra exposure to markets, then start SIP and you will get a positive, inflation adjusted real returns.

I also enclose the links of these headlines and if you are interested.

Don’t get worried and Don’t get confused, In my opinion, both Equity and Debt present good days ahead.

‘Ache Din Aane Wale Hain’

In case of you need help in identifying the exact vehicle for investments please do contact me




Gilts, IRF Vols Soar as HNIs Buy India’s Futures Story – Economic times 9/10/2014


MFs Hike Exit Load in Prep for Bull Ride – Economic times 9/10/2014


For FMCG Cos, Good Days Seen Ahead – Economic times 9/10/2014


Is the Indian Consumer Back? – Economic times 9/10/2014


She hasn’t yet in force. But she is looking for cues, as these four critical pockets of consumer sentiment show. Faster growth, more job creation, higher increments and lower interest rates can pave the way for a full-blown return, and the possibility of that in the foreseeable future is real



FII Frenzy Abates, But India Still Stands out in EM Pack – Economic times 9/10/2014

Biswajit Baruah


Though flows eased a bit in September, India a top draw on hopes of better prospects –


Oct 08 2014 : The Economic Times (Bangalore)

Ten Years Later, Indian Hiring Cos Catch VC Eye Again



Oct 08 2014 : The Economic Times (Bangalore)

ET Analysis – Sovereign, Pension Funds Find Value in Blue Chip Companies






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