Be on Top of the wave – ride the oscillations – Surf it – SIP it.


As you watch the waves, you see them oscillate up and down. If you  had noticed the movement of the waves, some of them reach the shore and some don’t

If you are on TOP of the wave, you will ride the wave and go through the oscillations but sure you will reach the shore.

Not if you peep in and go into the wave and you will be sucked in.

While investing, with a Goal, which is the shore, you will go through lot of volatility of the markets. One of the ways to reach your Goal is riding the oscillations and not getting sucked into it.

The Best way to do this is by SIP.   Systematic INvestment plans, help you ride the oscillations and they are meant for it and buy more when the markets are low and buy less when the markets are high. Meant for all seasons be it Calm or Storm.

What you should do?

Continue the SIPs you are investing in and do not break or stop it.

If you don’t have a SIP start one.

SIPs should be at least for a period of 5 years.

You can even buy direct stocks ( shares of individual companies) in systematic mode.

Just do it.

It is not the markets which make you rich. It is how you react to the ups and downs decides it.

For details do contact me.

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Varadharajan VS



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