Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt & your portfolio


I am sure you are familiar with Michael Phelps – One of the best swimmers and Usain Bolt – the fastest man on earth today.
Did you ever consider linking the features of your portfolio of investments to some thing these great athletes have and do in common
If you don’t know, read on.
Athletes like Phelps and Bolt train very hard to to run a race which lasts few seconds and the race is over even before you close your eyes.
Food intake.
They generally have 7 meals a day
Consume 12000 calories a day
It generally has 60% carbs ( carbo hydrates ) 30% proteins and 10% Fat
They train hard every day at least 6 to 8 hours.
The spend 15 calories a min they train and
When the run the race they spend as much 100 to 150 calories a minute. Ten times the amount the burn while the train.
The invest their time, accumulate calories and spend or burn them when necessary.
see the ratio of food intake 60 :30:10
Now review your portfolio
It is generally recommended that you have
60% in Equity 30% in Debt and 10% in commodities like gold. 
However this could vary with age, risk tolerance etc.
You need to invest your money and wait for the right time to use it when required.
You should be able to plan the exit with your need based on goal.
If you dont get the money at the right time, it is not of use.
Portfolio construction is important and time consuming and boring as well.
Review your portfolio and I am available to help you build a portfolio based on your need.
You sure can become a Usain Bolt – at least on your finances.
Good luck
Please do contact me for any clarifications and assistance
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