Nice story I read. You will like it too

I read this just now and thought if sharing it with you hot hot.

Indrani wife of Lord Indra had a pet parrot which was nearing its end. However Indrani was not wanting it to die and asked Indra to save the parrot from Death. Indra thought of Brahma the creator and requests to save the parrot. Brahma says my job is to create and protecting is not my job. It is taken care by Lord Vishnu.
They both meet Vishnu and seek his help. But Lord Vishnu says that though his role is to protect the parrot is at the fag end of its life and Siva takes care of destroying life and we shall go to him.

Siva on hearing the details says this job is delegated to Yama and he only can save the parrot and all the four Indra Brahma Vishnu Siva meet Yama. On seeing his bosses Yama is shivering and gets to know the purpose of their visit.

He then explains the process he follows which is foolproof and well documented.  And the process is as below. This process  is approved by SEBI AMFI RBI and exchanges.

Every life’s fate is decided and when he should act is also decided.
The event of occurrence is written in a label and is hanging in a room
That room has the labels of every life
When the incidence happens automatically the label falls down.
All he has to do is pick up the label and act
But he says that there is one way they can save the parrot.
That is go Into the room and take the label of the parrot and change the way the want.
All of them agree and all of them enter the room

As they enter the room they see a label falling down.
Yama picks up the label and to every one’s surprise he notices that it is of the parrot and hence the parrot dies.

Now knowing the parrot has died they were anxious to know what was written on the label.

It was written

The moment Indra Brahma Vishnu Siva &Yama enter this room the parrot will die and it so happened.

This is precisely happening in the market today
When FII are bullish and investing more
When fund houses are bullish on The markets and come with more NFOs that too with closed ended schemes
When the advisors / distributors go all out to sell and increase their AUM and Payout
When Media is Gung  Ho of the market and have more analyst talk the same on their shows
When. More IPOs come and gets over subscribed and listing  gains are huge
And finally line Yama the retail investors enter the room (market) that is the time the market collapses like the parrot.

When the market collapses the retail investor loses the money … the parrot.

Sometimes you feel you are better of not entering the room you could have saved the parrot.

I saw this analogy and thought of sharing

varadharajan VS


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