SIP in stocks – Apollo hospitals an example – in continuation to my earlier post


I am sure you must have gone through my post –  titled
Coke, Pizzas, Pollution & stress make Hospitals an Investment option – If you have not, please read it before you scroll down.
In that I had suggested to consider investing in Apollo hospitals and also suggested a SIP route. I enclose with this a small illustration, how one would have accumulated reasonable quantity. of shares of Apollo hospitals.
If one had bought 5 share of Apollo Hospitals on the 1st of every month from 1st March 2011 till 1st February, 2016 one could have accumulated 300 shares by now.
The cost of purchase of these shares is Rs 2 71 530 and this does not include transaction charges like brogerage etc.
The value of these shares as on 1st March was 4,49,100 when the share price was 1497.
This  company has been paying dividends every year and one would have got Rs 5791 as dividend in proportion to the shares held at the time of dividend payout.
The total gain in this proces is 67%.
Inline images 1
Just like a mutual fund, you can buy shares regularly and accumulate.
Apollo is in health care sector and we all know that this business will only keep increasing as people want to live longer.
As people will to live longer, you stay invested for a longer period and become wealthier.
The excel sheet working is encloed.
To get started with buying a share, you must have a demat account and I can help you open one  & get that started. Do contact me.

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