From the Movie – 36th Chamber of Shaolin – Lessons on investment


In 1978 the move ” 36th chamber of shoalin” was released and it was a great hit all over the world and in India too.  I am sure many of you would have seen that movie and for the younger generation, if they have not seen, please do watch it.
I am not getting into the story of the movie but the training sessions the hero undergoes to master the skill.
Some of the training sessions are highlighted below for your reference and usage.
a. Wrist training.
This is a training about lifting a small weight but tied to long stick and because the of length of the stick the lifting becomes difficult and force required is Length of the stick x weight. For the same weight, as the length increases the force required to lift also increases. (Mechanical Advantage – Physics)
Analogy in investment
SIP  –  The small investment of money which is like the weight of the hammer gets compounded over time and the longer the time the greater the return.
Inline images 1
B. Training for your arms.
Please watch this link before you read further.
This training is to strengthen the arms and training is to take the water up the ramp and pour it.  You will get hurt if you bend your arms as the knives attached will hurt you. Falling down is also dangerous.
Analogy in investment.
While you focus on the goal of reaching your target, you need to hold your nerves. There will be testing times, when you will have the weight of Noise of the market & media, which will give you their own versions. If not held you will hurt only yourself. This is to train your ability to hold your nerves in testing times and stay focused
c. Training for the eyes.
In This movie there is a training for the eye movement. You are supposed to move your eyes without moving your head. In case you move your head along with the eyes, you will get hurt with the knives.
Analogy in investment
You will come across many instances of the market, inflation, interest rate and share prices move up down and side ways. Move your eyes only and keep watching. Moving your money without understanding may harm you.
Analyse the situation before moving.
d. There are plenty of other training which will be useful Please read the link below.
Finally you will need an advisor like the master who hones your skills  and steers you through your goals.
Do get in touch with me for your needs and enjoy the link
And the take home– the ten life lessons from the film
Enjoy the film and your investing as well.

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