Noise – Sound – Music – Investing


  • The origin of sound is Vibration.
  • The audible vibration is known as sound. We can hear only those vibrations, which are above a specific decibel.
  • The sound we hear, if it is unwanted or unpleasant it is known as Noise
  • A pleasant sound, which is structured rhythmic is music to the ears.
  • Ear , the sensor is the channel for hearing but it is the mind which Synthesizes the sound and analyses the same and decides whether it is noise or Music.
  • Even Music at high decibels and at unwanted times can be a nuisance and is termed  Noise pollution. We don’t use the word ,Sound pollution.
  •  In our day to day life, we constantly hear all these, Noise, sound & Music and We always want to hear Music. The sound of Music is pleasant.
Sound is an invisible form of energy.
Most animals have the ability to sense it.
Along with sight and smell and the skin’s ability to sense temperature, our sense of hearing tells us what’s happening outside our bodies.
It can tell us what’s happening far away and out of sight—and it’s a powerful form of communication.
Think about a lion roaring or someone crying for help.
Like wise, around us, we have the media and gadgets with us and around us. The newspaper ( print Media), TV, Social Media like FB, twitter, instagram, Orkut, Linked in and whatssup all throw various information to us. Everyone voices their opinion and confuses the individual, ie. you.
For example-  a headline in the newspaper, will talk about a particular topic and relate this with the future economic activity and advise people to invest or divest in an instrument.
Unless we have an insight or ability to see through the information or headline, it is possible that we can end up taking a wrong decision.
See the below headline in 2003.  It was painting a picture of gloorm.  Guess what after that the market has given 16.27% CAGR ( Cumulative annual growth rate.
newspaper 1
Now see the second instance.  the headlines read thus
It was boom time and every one was bullish and there was euphoria. What happened next.
See the pin up
Sensex give a return of only 2.63% after this headline
Investing is all about thinking outside the headline just like the sound you hear far away
newspaper 2
Therefor it is very simple in investing.
What you see is not what you get.
What you don’t see is what you don’t get
Hear, see and read the information, understand.
Eliminate Noise and convert the sound to Music.
Good investing is Sound of Music
Enclosed is the list of news paper highlights and the market scenario thereafter. Thanks to IDFC for collating this and making it presentable.
Happy investing.
Please do contact in case you need to invest or any help in money management
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